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One of the interesting benefits of the internet has been the increased opportunities to see the work of artists from around the world. Through the use of websites and blogs, artists, writers, musicians and other makers have been able to bring their work to the widest possible audience.

In a recent blog post, South African artist Robyn Gordon discussed the use of boat motifs in a selection of artists work, including my Pocket Noost assemblage.

Robyn’s own fascinating work is layered with symbolism, both personal about her own families story, and of more traditional images and objects depicting South African history and culture


 ” As a child on the farm I loved the outdoors. I loved to touch and feel nature in my hands. The smoothness of acorns and pebbles, the roughness of pine bark, the hollowness of birds nests …. anything tactile under my fingertips. At a young age I commandeered my mom’s unused carving chisels and I found that I could create many tactile qualities in the wood by chipping, gouging, whittling and sanding. This was a thrilling discovery! 

Now I carve wooden totems and panels, incorporating wire, beads and found objects. Through my work I tell the story of my life in South Africa. The niche carvings hold objects that are of the land, symbols of Africa and symbols of my British ancestry. The totems “speak” of legends that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are meditative pieces which bring me a great sense of peace. It is an added joy when other people feel this quality in my work. “

It has been a pleasure to see Robyn’s work; there are may common threads and images that I can recognise in my own art. Her work has a very strong sense of place, and I think that is why it will speak to many artists from other parts of the world dealing with subjects that tap into our shared life and cultural experiences.



 To see more of Robyn’s fascinating work, follow this link to her website

Robyn’s blog can be read at

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