In The Studio #4 - New Year, Studio Rearranging, And New Work Taking Flight

January 1st is always a day for resolutions and making a new start, and for me it is always a tidy up and move around of the studio space. With several different projects ongoing at the moment, involving both drawings for new books and making assemblages for exhibitions, making the best of the available space is the New Year challenge.

Shifting the furniture around can be both mentally therapeutic and help you view the work you've been doing from a new angle. Making the best of the winter light with my drawing desk by the window is also vital in the annual studio roundabout.

So today is about putting down the pencils, lifting and shifting, and rearranging the space, taking a fresh run at the coming year's work.

I'd like to wish everyone a creative and fruitful 2017, and here's to new works taking flight.